Saturday, June 11, 2011

This Is Not Here


Of course, none of these aforementioned facts can ever counter the propaganda about Reagan that fills the airwaves of Fox News and AM radio or the talking points of right-wing ideologues like Sarah Palin. Facts do not matter to the Republican base, including especially those in the base’s current incarnation as tea baggers.

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Bush Tax Cuts 10 Years Later: "A Failure In Every Conceivable Way"

“It seems hard to believe but, just a decade ago, the deficit didn’t exist and there were surpluses as far as the eye could see. The United States was on track to eliminate the national debt altogether by 2010, making the country debt free for the first time in nearly two centuries.

Then 2001 happened. In fact, a year ago this week, George W. Bush’s tax policy became law, and to honor the occasion, Slate’s Annie Lowrey tried to “find something redeeming” to say about them. Alas, she came up empty, concluding that they’ve “been a failure in every conceivable way.”

Ten years ago this week, the policy’s conservative champions made bold predictions about what the tax cuts would do — massive job growth, vast new wealth, higher incomes, smaller government, and balanced budgets. None of these predictions proved to be even remotely true.”

The more important problem: the fact that we haven’t learned anything from the mistakes of Republicans.

I say we because the known policy failures, the complete lack of regret from the GOP, the ambition to radically experiment with the economy and see it fail, and still, Republican ideas are seen as half the debate rather then the empirical root of the greedy and avaricious downfall in modern America.

Worse, the GOP not only “hasn’t learned anything from the failure of the Bush tax cuts,” it’s actually managed to “unlearn some things, too.”

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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Willfully Ignorant


Climate change means more extreme weather. Higher highs, lower lows, stronger winds, etc.

Conservatives think snow in March somehow disproves one element of climate change, global warming, then quote a report paid for by an oil company, and fulfill yet another childish, non-serious approach to a critical subject. #willfullyignorant

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