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Friday, June 17, 2011

Republicans Wasting Your Time, Again

Republicans Wasting Your Time, Again

Still no jobs bills, Mr Boehner? How could you expect something important like that to happen when the GOP is working on a complete waste of time like this:

This week, for example, the House Judiciary Committee debated and approved a measure to amend the U.S. Constitution to cap government spending at 18% of GDP. As a substantive matter, the idea is truly insane — it would require brutal cuts to everything the federal government does, force officials to slash Medicare and Social Security, and make it permanently impossible for federal officials to respond to economic downturns.


An amendment to the Constitution? Are you kidding me? This is how Republicans spend their time? These are measures that will never, ever pass.

Why would you ever want to decrease spending to a level so low, the usual percentage of GDP is between 21-22%, and then force it that low by Constitutional amendment? What if there were a war? A natural disaster? An oil spill?

These are the same guys who throw out “Founding Fathers” in every sentence, then do exactly the opposite by trying to change the laws for pure political reasons.

The GOP is out to weaken America so badly during a Democratic Administration, that any conceivable threat would cripple the country. Country First, my ass.

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The Compassion and Wisdom of Michele Bachmann


The compassion and wisdom of Michele Bachmann. Exploiting Americans and rewarding corporations with their “race to the bottom” mindset is the Republican way.

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