Saturday, July 23, 2011

Obama's Accomplishments In A Time Of Right Wing Extremism

Obama’s Accomplishments In A Time Of Right Wing Extremism

A little reminder of some of Obama’s accomplishments in Congress during 2009 and 2010 in the face of unrelenting opposition from the GOP:

  • Health care reform (which Democrats have been trying to pass since Truman in 1948 and Teddy Roosevelt proposed in 1911)
  • Financial reform (written in part by Barney Frank with Elizabeth Warren forming the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau)
  • DADT repeal
  • Obama saving approximately 4 million jobs in manufacturing industries by forcing GM and Chrysler into bankruptcy and within 6 weeks resurrecting them with union representation on the board (taxpayers are on track to make money on that one and GM has hired back just about everybody laid off in 2009)
  • making sure all the TARP money is paid back and recycling it back it into the economy (with $26 billion in profit so far to the American taxpayer, raise your hand if you think George Bush would have pulled that off, or even tried)
  • 2 more women on the Supreme Court
  • the Lilly Ledbetter Act
  • more private sector jobs created in 2010 than in the entire 8 years of the Bush administration
  • expansion of: Medicaid, mental health care for veterans, and Pell Grants
  • the Recovery Act which by itself is the single biggest accomplishment by a Democratic president since FDR (not my opinion - Rachel Maddow’s)
  • the START treaty
  • and in general dragging us back from the brink of another Great Depression,
  • hmmm…what am I missing? Oh yeah Obama got Osama bin Laden.

Some things Obama has done by presidential fiat:

  • raised fuel efficiency standards
  • removed Bush ban on embryonic stem cell research
  • provided federal benefits for same sex couples by executive action.
  • The new food safety law so you don’t buy poison eggs, spinach etc.
  • Monday July 11, 2011 the Obama Administration announced that it would require gun dealers in states bordering Mexico to report to law enforcement multiple sales of certain semi-automatic rifles.

Imagine what more could be done with a Democratic House and a filibuster proof Senate. Recall all Republicans and Tea Baggers.

We need to pass this info along to all the disgruntled people who say they’ll sit out 2012.

Parity is gone from politics. The two parties are no longer equal. #obama2012

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Friday, July 22, 2011

NYC Set To Break Records As Gay Marriage Legalization Starts Sunday


NYC Set To Break Records As Gay Marriage Legalization Goes Into Effect On Sunday

NYC bakers better start whippin’ up fondant. Florists, you’d best stock up on lilies, because let me tell you: this weekend is gonna be busy for the dearly beloved.

The City Clerk Office is prepped to marry 764 couples this coming Sunday as New York’s Marriage Equality Act takes effect — and ceremonies are in such high demand that it’ll take a winning lottery ticket to make the Day One cut.

Add that excitement to last night’s announcement that the Pentagon is set to repeal the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy regarding gays in the military, and it’s a particularly good weekend for LGBT rights progress.

Six down (Iowa, New Hampshire, Massachussets, Connecticut, Vermont and New York), 44 to go.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Doubling Down On St. Norquist, The Patron Saint Of Starving Economies


Republicans followed Norquist and created the debt problem we have by cutting taxes too low. Now they want to double down and follow this unelected lobbyist again.

Imagine if every Democrat signed an oath with George Soros or Al Gore and were willing to put the global economy in the tank, do you think it would have the same coverage in the media?

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I, pledge allegiance, to Grover Norquist...


Republicans are so afraid to upset Grover Norquist, they are willing to put the entire economy and global markets into chaos to protect the failed Bush tax cuts for the richest 1%.

The GOP pledges their allegiance, not to a flag or a Republic or a Nation, but to special interests and corporate profits.

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